A PROGRESSIVE approach that tracks performance and systematically puts clients at the right level to avoid training related injuries, reduce likelihood of performance-related injuries, and to break through plateaus and constantly improve


A PERFORMANCE-based approach that uses functional strength and conditioning methodologies focused on improving how people move and perform in life and in sport


PPT is NOT a quick-fix, it’s not designed to tear you down, and it’s not something we made up on our own. It’s a long-term, systematic smart TRAINING approach, based on proven methods from world leaders in functional strength and conditioning. The goal is to gradually and continuously build you up so you move better, feel better, and perform better

Functional Strength & Conditioning in the Greater Toronto area.

Train smarter.  Move better.  Feel better.  Perform Better – in life and in sport!

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Youth or Teen (12-18)

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Learn more about our Adult Functional Training program

Athlete (14+)

Learn about our Athlete Development program

Basketball Player (14+)

Learn about our Basketball-Specific Strength and Conditioning program

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